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1) Download the zip file and unzip it to your desktop. (or other such rememberable place).
2) Go to the Admin Console and put the following in the text box: moodtheme_create "Gina Gershon" "mood theme by elledriver_". Click 'execute' and you should get a 'Success!' message with a 5 digit number. Remember this number. (Writing it down could help!)
3) Upload all the images to your server. It is a smart idea to place them in their own directory. is a good place, it's free & very easy.
4) Now you need to open the .txt in a text editor and do some search and replace. Where you see #####, you need to replace it with the number from earlier. And where you see http://urladdress, you need to replace it with the URL where you uploaded your images.
5) Go back to the Admin Console and paste in the edited .txt. If you did everything correctly, you should see a listing of the moods with 'Data Inserted' and such.
6) Next step is to go to the Modify Journal page and select the "Gina Gershon" mood theme from the drop-down list.
You will need a paid account to use this mood theme. If you're going to use it, please comment and let me know. Credit is a must.
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